Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lest I Forget: We're Under Special Session Alert

Greg's Opinion - "Yeah, I haven't made much mention of the current special session that has the Texas Lege under high alert. Perhaps that's due to the lack of a snazzy name for the session, such as the 'Pay no attention to the maniac grandma, look at me over here' Special Session ... or the 'Let's Put a Gun to the Heads of Schoolkids and use them as political pawns' Special Session. Considering that school opening for the fall is now a question with no immediate answer and that the bulk of Perry's actions were clearly timed to distract from what little political heat Texas' second favorite grandma could offer up ... I'm not entirely optimistic that much good will come of this excercise. Maybe I'm just a cynic. Dunno ... don't care. Oh well."


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