Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Session ends without school plan

Star-Telegram | 05/31/2005 | Session ends without school plan: "One hundred and forty days of raucous politics came to an end Monday, the last day of a Texas legislative session that will probably be remembered as much for what failed as what passed.

Lying in the recycle bin were thousands of pages of what might have been: a new school finance system, a property tax cut, legalized slot machines, an overhaul of ethics laws, private school vouchers and the Willie Nelson Highway.

What Texans got was a $139 billion budget, stricter abortion laws, a chance to toughen an existing ban on gay marriage, an overhaul of the workers compensation insurance system and a prohibition on lawsuits against restaurants for obesity-related health problems, otherwise known as 'the cheeseburger bill.'

'It's all over but the explaining,' said Ross Ramsey, editor of the political newsletter Texas Weekly. 'On the biggest issue of the session, they're going home empty-handed.'"


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