Monday, May 30, 2005


A CAPITOL BLOG: SINE DIE ANNOUNCEMENT: "At 6:40 p.m. a Senate committee, given the task of announcing Sine Die (without another day) entered the House chamber. The Governor also was present.

Some anticipation in the air, because the judicial pay raise bill is still in the air. Rep. Keel has been moving about with the intent of killing another Dunkin/Ellis bill because of an alleged violation of an agreement.

Could it be a special session announcement?

6:49 p.m. Will Hartnett tried to bring up judicial pay raise bill. He said he had 95 signatures. Speaker Cradick refused to recognize him. A motion to sine die was made by Chisum and the Speaker declared the end of the session (sine die).

No special session was announced.

I believe we will have special session in the last part of June (that is just an educated guesstimate)"

Pena has spoken, and I believe him. If Perry had any cojones, or believed one iota of his own rhetoric, he would be calling a special session tomorrow. But Perry has no leadership skills. Craddick is wondering when his indictment is coming down, and kowtowing to the base in hopes they will fund his legal defense team like they have for Delay. Dewhurst and Strayhorn are just waiting in the wings like vultures to see what Kay Bailey Hutchison announces in a few days. I would be truly pleased to see the Texas GOP imploding into a circular firing squad in most circumstances. They managed to pass the largest budget ever, one of the biggest tax increases ever, without giving anything to the people. 2006 is going to be a tough year for them. But their failure to deal with school finance affects my school district, my kids, and potentially my job. The GOP controlled lege, and Rick Perry, are the biggest bunch of lobbyist controlled cowards I have ever seen. I'm the proudest of Texans, but these folks have shamed us all on this Memorial Day.


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