Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Soechting On The 79th Lege

Eye On Williamson County: Soechting On The 79th Lege: "Texas Democratic Party Chairman Charles Soechting said that the abject failure of state leaders in the regular legislative session ending today carries three lessons for Texas voters.

'The first lesson of this failed session is that Rick Perry is a lousy leader who leaves early and arrives late,' Soechting said.

Gov. Perry was again criticized by lawmakers this session for his absence until the final hours, after its was too late to forge a compromise on most of the major issues Perry had claimed to champion when the session convened.

'The second lesson of this failed session is that Republicans don't know how to govern and don't care enough to learn,' Soechting said.

GOP leaders succumbed to an ultra-partisan style that prevented them from negotiating in good faith, turning the Texas Capitol into a Washington, D.C.-style center of intransigence and gridlock.

'The third lesson of this failed session is that if Texans want change, they're going to have to vote for it,' Soechting said."


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