Saturday, January 21, 2006

Gubernatorial candidate ejected from race over bad check

Gubernatorial candidate ejected from race over bad check: "A Fort Worth Democrat who hoped to run for governor will not be on the primary ballot because the check for his filing fee bounced, a Democratic party leader said.

Felix Alvarado wrote a check to the Texas Democratic Party for the $3,750 filing fee without sufficient funds to cover it, said Charles Soechting, the party's state chairman.

``The position I would have to take is, the filing fee wasn't paid,'' Soechting said. ``It's sad. I hate to see that happen to anybody.''

Alvarado, a middle school administrator and the only Hispanic to seek the governor's seat, confirmed that he submitted the check without having enough money.

``I take full responsibility for that. That's my mea culpa. I overplayed my hand,'' he said. ``I'm disappointed.''"

It won't make a difference in this race, but I do feel sorry for the guy.


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