Sunday, December 04, 2005

Laney won't seek House re-election

The Bryan-College Station Eagle > Politics: "Former Texas Speaker Pete Laney announced Friday he will not run for another term for his state House seat.

The Democrat from Hale Center, who was forced to leave the speaker's office and rejoin the House rank-and-file after Republicans won a majority of the chamber's seats in 2002, declined to say why he decided not to run in 2006.

'I'm looking at other things, but we'll make those decisions at a later time,' Laney, 62, told The Associated Press. 'We're making one decision at a time. After 33 years, this is a pretty big one to make at one time.'

In a statement, Laney said he plans to continue his involvement in government and become 'more involved in programs to advance the importance of public service.'"


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