Sunday, October 02, 2005

Democrats keep quiet while DeLay thrashes

Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Nation: "Napoleon liked to say that when your enemy is destroying himself, don't get in the way. It's a bit of wisdom politicians live by, which explains the relatively subdued public reactions from many Democrats at news of Tom DeLay's indictment.

They took no joy, they said. They wished him well.

Meanwhile, Mr. DeLay's tack was to hit back hard at his tormenter. If Travis County prosecutor Ronnie Earle threw the book at him with a conspiracy charge that forced him to 'temporarily' step down as House majority leader, Mr. DeLay hurled back enough venom to fill a thesaurus.

'A rogue district attorney ... a partisan fanatic ... an unabashed partisan zealot,' Mr. DeLay said. 'I have done nothing wrong. I have violated no law, no regulation, no rule of the House. I have done nothing unlawful, unethical, or, I might add, unprecedented even in the political campaigns of Mr. Earle himself. My defense in this case will not be technical or legalistic. It will be categorical and absolute. I am innocent.'"


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