Monday, October 24, 2005

Daily Kos: Radnofsky to Hutchison: Resign if you tolerate perjury

Daily Kos: Radnofsky to Hutchison: Resign if you tolerate perjury: "Texas Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Barbara Ann Radnofsky called on her Republican opponent to resign if she tolerates perjury. 'No elected official should tolerate or excuse perjury. I call on Kay Bailey Hutchison to renounce perjury. She should resign if she tolerates it,' Radnofsky said.

On October 23, Kay Bailey Hutchison said in televised comments concerning the Plame investigation that, 'I certainly hope that if there is going to be an indictment that says something happened, that it is an indictment on a crime and not some perjury technicality where they couldn't indict on the crime...'"


Blogger Gary said...

Several places today you can find Hutchinson's previous public comments on what a terrible crime perjury is. I guess she forgot that when the GOP sent her out to try out one of their new talking points.

2:14 AM  

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