Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stadium 'heaven' to new residents

Stadium 'heaven' to new residents - The Daily Texan - Top Stories: "Eating macaroni and meatballs with a slice of white bread, Desiree Singleton, a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, stopped between bites and recalled the hellish conditions she said she experienced at the Superdome. For the first time, someone was listening to what she was saying instead of pushing her away like she said the guards did during her four days at New Orleans' massive temporary hurricane shelter.

She called the air-conditioned and orderly Astrodome 'heaven' - the tight security a drastic contrast from the pandemonium in the Superdome. Refugees' memories of the New Orleans shelter are dominated by stories of rape, gunshots and robbery.

About 500 Houston law enforcement officials roamed the grounds of the Astrodome in three shifts. Officials reported on Saturday that only six minor arrests involving evacuees had occured the night before in the entire city of Houston, and no major on-site incidents were reported. "


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