Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Perry's school spending limit proposal meets with opposition

KRISTV.COM - Corpus Christi, TX - Perry's school spending limit proposal meets with opposition: "Gov. Rick Perry's order that Texas schools spend at least 65 percent of their budgets on classroom costs has met with overwhelming public opposition, according to correspondence obtained by The Associated Press.

Hundreds of angry parents, librarians, counselors, nurses and bus drivers who fear their services will be cut under the order wrote to Perry's office during August, according to e-mails and letters obtained by the AP under the Texas Public Information Act.

'I will be sure to explain to the teachers who ask to collaborate with me ... the students who request my help with book selection, research or library resources, the classes who are scheduled in the library ... that I don't do direct instruction,' wrote Margaret Durack, a librarian at San Antonio's William Hobby Middle School."


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