Sunday, August 21, 2005

Special session fails to produce school funding

Jacksonville Daily Progress: Special session fails to produce school funding: "he Texas Legislature adjourned its special session Friday, ending the fifth failed attempt to restructure the way Texas pays for public education.

The 30-day special session - the third one Gov. Rick Perry has called on the issue - was required by law to end Friday.

'The speaker finally got us out (Friday), and I'm coming home,' Rep. Hopson (D-Jacksonville) said. 'I'm glad we're done, but I feel very sad and frustrated we didn't accomplish anything. We came down there to do school finance, but we didn't do anything for schools. We didn't reduce property taxes; we didn't give teachers pay raises; we didn't restore health insurance.

'These sessions were supposed to be about putting more money into our public schools and lowering property taxes for our homeowners, not politics,' he said."


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