Thursday, August 04, 2005 | News for Dallas, Texas | Education | News for Dallas, Texas | Education: "As Texas schoolchildren begin returning to the classroom next week, many will find tattered old textbooks used for years – while glossy new replacements gather dust in warehouses in the Dallas area and Lubbock.

Millions of new textbooks for foreign language, health, art and music classes cannot be delivered to school districts because the Legislature, caught in a stalemate over school finance for months, hasn't authorized their purchase.

Principals and teachers are busy scraping up as many old textbooks as they can find, preparing to double and triple up on certain materials and photocopying pages where there aren't enough books to go around.

In the Lewisville school district, textbook coordinator Bonnie Isom has been shipping truckloads of damaged books – some nearly 15 years old – to a bookbinding company in Waco for repair.

'We have close to 10,000 foreign-language books alone that were supposed to be replaced this year, but we can't order them,' Ms. Isom said. The shortage has been aggravated by the district's growing enrollment."


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