Tuesday, July 26, 2005

PinkDome.com: Holy Crap! And Holy Crap! And Holy Crap!

PinkDome.com: Holy Crap! And Holy Crap! And Holy Crap!: "'Mr. Speaker, show me voting NO on HB 3' - Chairman Jim Keffer.

Only 8 ayes for HB 3, this one goes down in a blaze even more so than HB 2.

Right now, every jaw in the Capitol has dropped. After some particularly underhanded moves by the leadership, Representative Scott Hochberg passed his own plan for school finance. A collective brick was shit by leadership. Included in the amendment is greater property tax relief for most Texas homeowners than was included in HB 2. It also includes a full restoration of school employee health benefits, a larger teacher pay raise than in House Bill 2, and increases in compensatory education, bilingual funding, and facilities funding. After some debate it passed 76-67, a huge margin of victory.

After some scrambling, HB 2 went down in a blaze, final vote 79-62."


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