Tuesday, July 19, 2005

McReynolds: Session won't be successful

McReynolds: Session won't be successful: "Unless the Texas Legislature manages to 'pull a rabbit out of its hat,' it doesn't look like its members will reach any type of agreement on public school finance before the current special session ends at midnight Wednesday, state Rep. Jim McReynolds, D-Lufkin, said Monday.

McReynolds said even if state lawmakers come to a consensus, House bills 2 and 3, which deal with school reform and property taxes, respectively, are bad for school districts like Lufkin, Central and Huntington if they remain unchanged.

'We've got some immensely serious problems that we have to address,' McReynolds said. 'When I talked to Gov. Perry the other day, he asked me what we need to do to make school finance work. I told him that we need to come up with a school bill that 150 of us can agree on."


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