Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Burnt Orange Report - Money in Texas

Burnt Orange Report - Money in Texas: "Now a couple things to note and I will make a more detailed post about Bell in just a bit. Perry and Strayhorn will raise as much as they feel they need to win the primary. Granted, they will spend most of it, but by no means should we think that will leave the GOP drained of cash. There may have bitter feelings towards the winner and not volunteer as much or reconsider their vote, but the cash will still flow as needed. But their nominee will be damaged.

Bell hasn't announced. We are all quite aware of this but sometimes we forget how that changes the dynamic. Many donors refuse to give to someone who isn't actually a candidate. Why would you or I want to spend $5,000 on someone who will end up dropping out of the race? Imagine how all the donors to the Jim Stork for Congress campaign in Florida felt when mid-race, he dropped out due to health with little explanation? No one likes to feel used or burned. That said, $153k is paltry. If it was from an announced candidate, I'd say yes, they'd be through. But he's not."


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