Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rick, Carole strike a pose

Rick, Carole strike a pose: "The way some people find religion, the up-till-now quite evangelical Gov. Rick Perry may have just found moderation.

Found tolerance. Found the Jewish vote, the Muslim, the Hindu, even the Unitarian vote.

That's because Carole Strayhorn is running at him, and Kay Bailey Hutchison isn't.

As for Strayhorn, she may have just rediscovered her roots, which are Democrat. For the truth is, if she is to defeat the governor, she is going to need more than Republicans to do it.

Strayhorn's race against Perry makes for one of the most fascinating primaries in years. That's because Texas' open primary makes it possible for lifelong Democrats, if they feel the calling, to vote in the enemy camp. This March, to defeat Perry, many Democrats will feel the call."


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