Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Perry's Plan

Redefining Chicano Socio-Political Discourse...: Perry's Plan: "Republicans should learn a lesson: Don't sell yourself as an anti-tax candidate when you have to worry about paying for EDUCATION--which is paid for by taxes! Republicans have painted themselves into a corner with their anti-tax rubbish. The bottom line is that we still have to invest in our future workforce, and that includes Republican households that moved to the suburbs for the 'better schools.' I love to watch the lost look on some of my Republican Kingwood neighbors' faces when I reveal to them that their school district is a recipient of Robin Hood money, and at the same time tell them that Pasadena ISD is the 'wealthy' school district that provides them the 'educational welfare' they are so much against. Yep, some of these Republicans think that because their houses are so big that their taxes alone pay for the schools without realizing that it takes property wealth (business, refinaries, etc.) to pays for schools. Yes, Republicans will fool their own in order to make wealthy corporations wealthier."


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