Saturday, June 25, 2005

Off the Kuff: Would KBH have beaten Perry in the primary?

Off the Kuff: Would KBH have beaten Perry in the primary?: "I'm one of those people who has believed that Perry has mostly locked up the GOP primary vote, since just about everything he's done lately has been aimed towards those voters. There's not a lot of data about this survey here (sample size? margin of error? question wording? etc), so I can't say definitively that this has debunked those beliefs, but surely a poll conducted by her campaign for the primary would have at least tried to identify likely primary voters. You do have to wonder how big the horsehead was that someone put in her bed to dissuade her from this race. The idea that her change of mind was simply good manners on her part is ridiculous to me (link via PerryVsWorld)."


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