Wednesday, June 29, 2005 - Robison: Rev. Gov. Perry hitching re-election to conservatives - Robison: Rev. Gov. Perry hitching re-election to conservatives: "The Web site, to the casual glance, looks like a sleek come-on for a quickie, weekend elopement package. It is adorned with images of wedding rings, smiling (heterosexual) couples and a huckster minister.

But wait a minute, that preachy fellow with the so-sincere, trust-me countenance on is none other than the Rev. Gov. Rick Perry. And he is not there to merely perform weddings but to save the very institution of marriage, as we have come to know it, and, by implication, human civilization itself.

Or so Perry and other promoters of the proposition to lock a ban on homosexual marriages into the Texas Constitution would have us believe. In truth, whether intentionally or not, they are fanning the flames of bigotry against a minority group of Texans, mainly to prolong their own political careers.

With such pettiness from Austin's leadership, there is little wonder that gay-bashing continues to persist in a state whose very name is supposed to symbolize friendship."


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