Thursday, June 30, 2005

El Paso Dems Crossed for Med School

Redefining Chicano Socio-Political Discourse...: El Paso Dems Crossed for Med School: "Late last night after reading Rep. Peña's posting regarding the El Paso delegation supporting HB2, I immediately knew it was because of the Med School. Capitol Inside provides the story.

The funding for the El Paso Med School and the TAMUK Pharmacy School was something DC commented about after the legislative session. As a native South Texan, I can vouch for the area that there is a dire need for professional schools and the benefits that come with possessing such educational instituions. Now it seems Craddick, who did away with the funding during the regular session in the first place, used the El Paso program as the carrot to lure the El Paso delegation of 3 Democrats and one Republican. Rep. Paul Moreno did not budge, though. I am very sure many were left seething at this occuring, as I also was."


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